Earth Power-Hour

As much as I appreciate the concept of today’s Earth Hour, it’s not really going to do alot for conservation. The whole goal is to raise awareness, and that has definitely been done. Over the past few weeks, it has been difficult to flip through a newspaper or read anything online without stumbling across at least a paragraph promoting this event. People are starting groups for it, giving each other technological-high fives for their goal of turning killing the power to the very piece of equipment they’re using to communicate.

Most notably through the Toronto Star, I’ve read about people being encouraged to turn off the lights, and use candles instead. Is it actually more energy-efficient to burn candles – which have probably been transported via a gas-powered truck – than to keep the lights on? Even the push for compact fluorescent light bulbs has its share of problems, considering that they’re difficult to dispose of due to their small amount of mercury content, which can potentially leak into the disposal site.

I’m not a true cynic. I’m excited to see the power killed on the hideous new CN Tower lights. I’ll do my part. I’m working during Earth Hour, and though I suggested I could kill the power to the server racks (which would be fine, other than taking down 6 television stations), I’ll turn off all the lights in the office, and go outside to take photos of the dark.


One Response to “Earth Power-Hour”

  1. mike Says:

    I’m with you. It’s actually a lot less efficient to burn candles than to use the power off the grid, and that’s before you even consider transportation costs of all this. And I also agree that while the point of this whole deal is to increase awareness, they’re looking for this one hour to have “long term effects” which I assume will mostly be in for form of people realizing how much power we use in an hour, or perhaps in a day. I don’t really think that it’s going to make a huge difference, but anything to increase awareness is okay by me. It’d be nice if we could have some sort of dedicated time to powering down or something, but conservation can only go so far. If you’re interested in all this crap, I would recommend hunting down “escape from suburbia.” It might shed some light on the subject.
    OOPS keyboard + beer = gtg

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