“Viva Pinata also culls from so many different ideas that it is hard to succinctly explain what the point of the game is… Part The Sims, part Animal Crossing and part resource management strategy, Viva Pinata stands alone as a deep and engaging title…The point? To attract living pinatas, each with chuckle-inducing names that are all candy and sweet-themed takes on their animal likeness, in hopes of convincing them to take up residency.” From

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But OUR star wipes are better than YOUR star wipes….

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Hawaii Chair!

I thought sitting on a yoga ball at work was a neat idea!

I thought wrong! Here’s the Hawaii Chair! It’s awesome! You won’t look like you’re having a seizure at all.

Seriously, this is the extent of infomercials. p90X, whatever, me and my Hawaii Chair are going to work it out.

Hawaii Chair