Two Days, and It’s Changing ME

I’ve always had calendars. Since the third grade, the school supplied them, and throughout to the end of highschool, I always kept a good record of everything I had to do, but it was always on paper.It’s gotten to the point that over the years, I’ve actually taken to carrying around 12-month wall calendars with me. Sure, I’ve had a few really nice moleskin notebook calendars, but they only last a year, and then I’m back to whatever current mess of papers I can dig up to keep track of my day-to-day living. For the past several months (nearly 2 years, actually), I’ve been making monthly grids in Publisher, with photographs in the corner, and printing them at home. They’re little personalized calendars, and I just print them out every month, and carry the sheets of paper around with me. With the Dell dead, and I’ve forgotten to restore that file, and who knows how the hell to open a publishers file on this Mac…. iCal is looking pretty interesting. I’ve found a way to sync my Blackberry to it. We’ll see.


New OS

What a lovely weekend. “Family Day” meant that Monday was a day away from the office, so the long weekend was spent nerding it up, restoring my Dell into my new Mac. Yes, that’s right – the hipsters have invaded, having brought their built-in cameras and swipeable touchpads, blazing fast processors, and really really easy backup systems, Mac beat out Sony, Asus, and Alienware this time around. I hate the keyboard though. I really can’t scream it from the rooftops enough: I can’t handle this damn clickity-clack-Chicklet-inspired keyboard. I like keyboards that I can just pound the crap out of, and this little sixth-grade-girl-hopscotch-crap feels like I’m going to break it.

Here, this is from the new iSight thing. This blog used to catch a lot of other people’s grammatical errors, but that got old and boring and too bitchy. Maybe now I’ll just start posting pictures from this little cam thing. This is with the television that my Dad got as a 12th birthday present.


This television has never quite died, but it's broken a few times, and Dad just keeps fixing the guts.


If I thought that media storage was a commodity that had really come down in price, that I didn’t think much of, I had opportunity to think more about things we often take for granted when the water bill came in the mail today.

Doing the math on it, for potable, easily-accessible water, it’s cost slightly more than forty-two cents a day for each thirty six gallons. Cheeeaap. That’s half a dollar for three giant buckets. Yes, it’s ‘just water’, that could be considered expensive, but to put it in a bit of perspective, there are 500ml bottles of the same liquid for sale in the convenience store for $2.50.

The odd part about buying drinking water from foreign countries is that bottled water isn’t regulated. When I turn my tap on, I know that the city I live on has people monitoring the water, making sure it’s not going to kill me. Sarah Silverman isn’t monitoring my Fiji bottled water, whether or not I like the bottle, whether or not I like paying $2.99 a bottle for it. There are countries where drinking water is considered anything that doesn’t have giant visible bugs in it, and here we’re literally importing it from those countries, while we could just be drinking our cheap 1.16 cent per gallon water.


Data storage is cheeaaap and readily available. 1 terabyte and a case, with all the cables, didn’t have to go source out any of it on Spadina. The last time I bought harddrives, it was like going to Consumers Distributing- you had to know what you wanted, they brought you a menu and then disappeared for a while, then brought it back. I then spent the next half hour driving, trying to put cases together, hoping not to drop teeny tiny screws down into the old Hyundai. Cases didn’t come with power cables or usb cables either- all the stuff was separate. Granted, at this point, I have so many millions of generic usb cables, that I really don’t need the one that came with my harddrive today. It’s about the equivalent of a high-end digital camera coming with a 512MB SD card: Any pro just gives it to their kid.

December Is Accounted For

Two months late, and having finally snowed, well into February, with a harddrive failure on our heads, photographs from December are finally posted. They’re safe. Here you go Mum, nothing’s lost.


I had the main -the only- harddrive in my computer die this morning. I woke up to the equivalent of a kill screen, only it was nothing like in Donkey Kong when everyone thinks you’re awesome that you ran out of memory, it was more like the morning that I woke up to the sound of my Ovation falling over and whacking its neck on the leg of my desk chair. Horrible. My next few days are gonna be like Little House on the Prairie, if they knew what it was like to be waist deep in data recovery with 2 shitty backups and no other entertainment.