What a Weekend!

My nice little blackberry decided it wanted to spend Friday night out under the stars. It wouldn’t have been such a terrible idea if it wasn’t raining out, but it was, and so the poor thing has a bit of water on the brain. Oh well, after a bit of running around Saturday trying to find it, it’s now got an unworkable keypad, but at least I can make phone calls after it had a nice nap in a bucket of rice for most of the afternoon.┬áCome Monday, I’ll be on to my fourth blackberry in less than two years. I’m glad that I bought a warranty, and I’m glad that I keep the thing backed up.

Blackberry under Roses

The spider in the background was just there for the photobomb opportunity.

Following an afternoon of siphoning water from the kitchen tank into a smaller basement tank, all the fish have now moved into their 40 gallon summer home while their house undergoes some small renovations, a bit of minor landscaping and a major pest control. There are now two fully set up tanks – one in the kitchen and one in the basement – and their permanent tank which I’m redo-ing because I’ve noticed an infestation of mites starting in the gravel. I’m really beginning to think I’ve gone off the deep end as the tank in the basement is sitting where the television used to be, and the television has been rejected into a corner where I can go from pretending to not watch it to actually knowingly not watching it.


Sgt Pepper

The day can’t possibly go wrong when I’m trying to start it with this, right?

I woke up to the flashing numbers on my alarm clock telling me it was high noon, which could only mean one thing – another power failure. The electrical on this street is just plain crap. Oh well, it’s generally not a problem, but it often means running around making sure all the fish tanks are OK. Today they were, but one of the bubblers seems to have died and I’m unsure if it’s still under warranty. I need to look in to better backup power for the heaters at least, especially now that there are so many small Plecos in the tanks. If the temperature was to drop for a few hours, these teeny fish would all be dead. The problem is that to power a 300W heater, even on a UPS worth about a hundred bucks, the damn thing will only run for about six minutes. Consumer level backup power is meant for people who want time to power down their computers safely, not keep running until the power comes back on.

All of the fish in the ninety gallon tank are fine, but I can’t find ┬áthe baby Pleco in the ten gallon tank.

Anyway, I’m going to go make some coffee. Here’s some Jimi from 1967. If you believe the description on YouTube (and who wouldn’t?), George and Paul were in the audience that day.

Fish Central

When I got a little fishtank in 2005, with two beautiful goldfish, it was never my intention to become the crazy fish lady, but it seems that it’s progressed to that. Way back five years ago at the suggestion of a friend who’d already coaxed two other friends into the world of fish-keeping I ended up with a ten gallon fishtank on the floor of my first apartment in this city, and I spent a good amount of time sitting in front of it looking at my two little pets, Harold and Maude.

Now, five years later, my Plecos are having babies, and I have two fishtanks in the kitchen. That same ten gallon tank is set up again as a home for the babies, the ninety gallon tank is their actual home, and a forty gallon tank -my gateway tank, if you will- is sitting in the basement unused, being reconsidered as a home for the adult Plecos when they get a bit older.

All I wanted was two little goldfish, and now I’ve got three tanks, and have to consider the hydro bill.


Fun things:
1) I got to run around all day with an Ugly Stick.
2) The Toronto Islands are absolutely deserted at this time of year so you can run around and do just about whatever you want including riding stationary bikes in the middle of a field – seriously.
3) Fillin’ up Fiji water bottles with tap water can trick you into thinking that you’re drinking glacier water even when it’s just plain old Toronto lake water.


Xwrap something purple shiny fun Lure

Milkbag On a Hook!

All we caught was this lovely milkbag, and I dutifully threw it in the trash, and what a fun day it was nonetheless!

2 New Fish

At the fish store yesterday, I bought 2 new Plecos.

The tank is now up to:

8 Blue Silvertip Tetras, 7 Black Phantom Tetras, 2 Longfin Albino Bushnose Plecos, 3 Flying Foxes, 1 Neon Tetra, and 4 Zebra Nerite snails. There are also a handful of invasive little… weird snails that came in on the plants. They aren’t quite eating the plants, and I’m almost planning on buying some sort of fish that might like to eat them, but I worry that whatever that fish is might bother my other fish. In all, we’re at twenty-one fish and 4 snails.

There is also a smattering of Java ferns (about 7) , 3 moss balls, and originally what was a single Marble Queen Sword sprouted babies at the end of long stalks, so I snipped them off, and now there are 3 of those plants around the tank.


These are the 2 newest Fish

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Family Photo

Flying Fox and Neon Tetra

Flying Fox and Neon Tetra - They both did a very good job of posing for this photo, despite having to be bribed with cookies.


Neon Glowlight Tetras

Neon Glowlight Tetras - they have gone back to school recently because it's September now... They like their new tank.