I’m back!


Having had a blackberry for several years, I had no idea how easy it should have been to update this blog. I’ve moved to an Android device, and despite the fact that it’s big as a brick, it’s continually showing me how simple it should be to update on the go. I’m working on building a new blog. This one will stay as a personal one, but I’ve got an idea for another, which I think should be interesting. Stay tuned!


Favourite Food

In two days, I’ve eaten six pickled eggs. I’d never had one before, so after looking at them in the grocery store for three weeks, I finally decided to buy a jar, half-wondering if they’d be awful. They are the best snack ever. I like hard-boiled eggs just as they are, but these are way better. I have one left, and now I’m considering making my own.


I made a pizza!


There’s a Reese Witherspoon marathon on. I’ve watched three movies, and cleaned most of the house. I need to split the cable and make sure it goes into a few other rooms, as I’m currently only being productive during commercial breaks.

Fun stuff!

Today I’ve eaten almost a whole pack of gum. There was a ridiculously small earthquake this afternoon, and my office evacuated the building. There really has been a heck of a lot going on lately. I got a dog! After waiting for seemingly a billion years, there is finally a lovely mixed-breed named Pilot in our house.


This past weekend featured a trip to Algonquin Park, where we canoed and camped for four days and three nights and nine portages. I haven’t been camping in about five years, but it was relatively simple to get back into the swing of things. Once the first coat of grime settles in, the rest go on easy.

There was a bunch of loons, two squirrels, one moose, a handful of teeny tiny frogs, one bull frog, a whole world of mosquitoes and bitey thing, and one hummingbird that tried to land on my head.

Camp food has and hasn’t come a long was since the days of Girl Guides. Bags of trail mix and packets of hot chocolate are still a staple, but there is now freeze-dried astronaut food that, with a bit of boiling water, makes a meal in six minutes. Starbucks now makes single-serving instant coffee, which I basically lived on- much better than the glass-jarred, red-topped instant coffee of old.

Upon arriving back at the car, there was a lesson learned: it’s probably better to take a couple of cans of pop with you into the park and have to carry the can around for three days than to leave them in a hot vehicle. Cans ‘asplode real good. The whole top of a Vernor’s ginger ale was peeled back and though the can was still seated nicely in the cup holder, most of the soda was in the dash and on the wind shield. Yay for baby wipes! Thank goodness it didn’t break a window.

Covered in bug bites, we’re all safe and sound, and hardly sunburned at all. The fish got along OK on their own.

2 February, 2011 22:48

Somehow, in the move, the television remote was lost. Despite buying a new one, two other tvs have been set up, and thus, this house is down two clickers. HOW did the tv remote go missing? I’ve been over the possibilities a million times in my head, and I can’t figure out, for the life of me, where the stupid clicker went.

There is no couch it could have stuffed itself into, I’ve searched every cabinet drawer and every cranny of every cabinet. At this point, all boxes and laundry baskets have been unpacked, and I’m basically stumped. There was an Ikea bookshelf that was recycled to the neighbours and my only thought is that maybe they ended up with my stupid old sharpie-covered clicker. I hope they have an extra tv with which to pair it.