Does anyone want a Foosball table? It’s made by Sportcraft, is in perfect condition, and is probably one of the best tables I’ve ever seen. It was a Christmas gift to me from my parents in 1997, but a girl doesn’t play much, and never took it to her own house. I have pictures available. My parents would like to move, and this is one of the things of mine I HAVE to get out of their house. Let me know!


We’re not working…

There is no convenient time for a daily backup to run. Ever. It just has to happen. Stop the presses, go for a beer, the little monkey in a hat comes running out of the cupboard to sort through all this crap on the floor and put it neatly into the filing cabinet.


Why is it that every time I THINK I’m going to spend the day being productive, and getting my ass in gear all I end up doing is cleaning the kitchen? I could spend my life cleaning the kitchen.

I made banana bread. Maybe I’ll dye my hair.

I doubt it.


My wordpress Dashboard has ever-so-slightly changed, and I’m getting used to it. I like the new layout. My car’s dashboard is very dusty and I need to clean it. I don’t like it when my car is dirty. It needs an oil change.

This blog is silly. This entire front page is really just a front for my photographs. I’m beginning to feel like an old man who’s running a laundromat just for the sake of having a ‘legitimate’ business while all his friends are actually shooting craps in the alley.

King of the Castle

Green Dude

I got him last summer, and he's been sitting on my computer monitor ever since... For some reason, I took him outside today, and took some photos. Cute little dude, I think. I really just wanted to play with the macro focus on my lens, and the fish tank just wasn't cutting it any longer.

Mini Slinky

Mini Slinky

Mini Slinky

The Same Year as Being A Weaver

Sand Art

Sand Art