Sgt Pepper

The day can’t possibly go wrong when I’m trying to start it with this, right?

I woke up to the flashing numbers on my alarm clock telling me it was high noon, which could only mean one thing – another power failure. The electrical on this street is just plain crap. Oh well, it’s generally not a problem, but it often means running around making sure all the fish tanks are OK. Today they were, but one of the bubblers seems to have died and I’m unsure if it’s still under warranty. I need to look in to better backup power for the heaters at least, especially now that there are so many small Plecos in the tanks. If the temperature was to drop for a few hours, these teeny fish would all be dead. The problem is that to power a 300W heater, even on a UPS worth about a hundred bucks, the damn thing will only run for about six minutes. Consumer level backup power is meant for people who want time to power down their computers safely, not keep running until the power comes back on.

All of the fish in the ninety gallon tank are fine, but I can’t find ┬áthe baby Pleco in the ten gallon tank.

Anyway, I’m going to go make some coffee. Here’s some Jimi from 1967. If you believe the description on YouTube (and who wouldn’t?), George and Paul were in the audience that day.