Garbage Picking

Yesterday as I was leaving the shop for the day, I saw saw a man on a bicycle picking through our garbage. He wasn’t homeless or badly-off by any means- he was on a rather nice road bike with pedal clips and all. It was raining a little bit, and he was wearing his off-road-riding-in-the-rain gear, so I was slightly surprised to see him drag his bike onto the sidewalk to continue looking through the garbage.

As he had ridden up to the garbage pile, he’d noticed a deskchair which the neighbours had thrown out. After pushing it around a little bit to make sure the rollers worked, he got back on his bike, and while riding, pushed the chair beside him down the street.

The best thing I ever got out of the garbage was a pair of crutches. I was about 9 years old, and I remember walking around with them in our garage for a few hours, pretending my legs were injured. The best that came of it was that my armpits hurt like hell for three days, and I was glad that my legs weren’t broken.

There’s nothing wrong with picking through the garbage. Which is why I shred all my personal documents.


Amy Winehouse Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I have it on good authority that Amy Winehouse has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. Richard couldn’t quit tell who she was, or what look she missed with her new hair colour, but he DEFINITELY knows that she’s rotting from the inside out.

Not to make light of anything Miss Winehouse has done (or has ALLEGEDLY done), but she’s just a mess these days.

Oh, the hair. The hair. The makeup. The crack.

Movieola takes Flight!

It’s official. Movieola has hit the airlines.