It’s cold!

I have socks and a sweater on, and the thermostat is set to 70. We’re 3 degrees over what I’d normally consider to be the ‘regular’ temperature setting, and I still think it’s too damn cold.

The fish are all doing well though! Their heater is set to 74, so they’re having a day on the beach!


TTC Fare Hike

The TTC is raising its fare again, and thus far, the only change I’ve spotted is one of its drivers sitting in a little cage. I went to say hello to him, and then wasn’t quite sure how to engage this poor caged animal in conversation. Either a bank teller or a lion, one or the other is driving this bus, but neither was able to talk to me through the pin holes poked in the plastic surrounding his seat. How absurd. Is this what my extra quarter is paying for?


Fun things:
1) I got to run around all day with an Ugly Stick.
2) The Toronto Islands are absolutely deserted at this time of year so you can run around and do just about whatever you want including riding stationary bikes in the middle of a field – seriously.
3) Fillin’ up Fiji water bottles with tap water can trick you into thinking that you’re drinking glacier water even when it’s just plain old Toronto lake water.


Xwrap something purple shiny fun Lure

Milkbag On a Hook!

All we caught was this lovely milkbag, and I dutifully threw it in the trash, and what a fun day it was nonetheless!

I Love Editors

Whether they’re working for a newspaper, a publishing house, a book company, or something as simple a grading a million student-written essays, editors just rock my world. Seeing what someone thought to be their final draft just ripped to shreds with red ink all over the page somehow gloriously makes my day a little brighter. Maybe it’s the fact that no one ever sees them. They hide deep in the caves and dungeons of offices, keeping to themselves, making all the CEOs and writers and public speakers seem smarter, brighter and sharper.

They may live in the armpits of offices, but they’re apparently not a group to go down without a fight. When The Toronto Star announced several cutbacks earlier this week,  one such editor went to work on the memo announcing said changes.

Click through for the larger image.


Written by John Cruickshank, glorified to high Heaven likely by an underpaid editor.

From The Torontoist

My Printer’s Name is Karla

The Konica Minolta I’ve got is actually quite a lovely little printer, and chugs away like a dream. Four point font is as crisp and clean as your eyes will allow, but the ink on the page is definitely clear as day. Every now and again though, the thing decides that it’s got a paper jam in the back of itself, and despite all efforts to clear it nothing, except nothing will fix it. Too many bright lights into the paper try, and streaming out the top of the unit, and contortionist-like moves looking for that damn shred of paper…  and I finally  have to leave the printer alone powered off by itself for two days, and each time,  every time, on power-up… *blink* no error message. Everything is fine. Little green power light: ready to print. No paper jam.

I’ve spent the last 24 hours semi upset wondering why all my appliances seemingly decided to hate me all at the same time. The washing machine has been on the fritz for months, so that’s nothing new, but just this past few days, I put a cup of water into the microwave, and when the minute was up my cup of water was still stone cold. The microwave no longer is working at all. It wouldn’t have been such a great surprise if the toaster’s element hadn’t burned out a few weeks ago. Early Friday afternoon when the printer decided to have an off day and blink orange lights of paper-jam death at me, I was beginning to wonder if my house is in the middle of some sort of EMF that’s causing my appliances to die. Then again, a 14-year-old toaster and a hand-me-down microwave are both doomed to failure at some point.

Stupid Roads

Today on the way to work, I saw a pigeon as it was trying to crawl up on to the curb just a few seconds after it had been hit by a car. I should have called animal control so they could have come to pick it up. But I didn’t and I think that makes me an asshole.

I keep the Toronto Animal Control phone number in my cell phone just in case I need to call it. 416 338 7297.  There’s been so many times that I’ve been out and come across injured squirrels and birds and little guys that need help and today I didn’t even call them to come help the poor pigeon.

My head Hurts.

It has nothing to do with the beer and a half I drank yesterday. It’s more likely related to the fact that I ate about a pound and a half of black cherries from the neighbour’s tree. The raccoons have been fighting over the fruit, and since it’s been raining for the past few days, it’s cherry-picking season, apparently. The guy showed me how he does his exercises before climbing the tree, and told me that he’s been looking for me the past few days because I told his daughter that I’d help pick the cherries sometime in June. Maybe I’ll go help them today.