Sgt Pepper

The day can’t possibly go wrong when I’m trying to start it with this, right?

I woke up to the flashing numbers on my alarm clock telling me it was high noon, which could only mean one thing – another power failure. The electrical on this street is just plain crap. Oh well, it’s generally not a problem, but it often means running around making sure all the fish tanks are OK. Today they were, but one of the bubblers seems to have died and I’m unsure if it’s still under warranty. I need to look in to better backup power for the heaters at least, especially now that there are so many small Plecos in the tanks. If the temperature was to drop for a few hours, these teeny fish would all be dead. The problem is that to power a 300W heater, even on a UPS worth about a hundred bucks, the damn thing will only run for about six minutes. Consumer level backup power is meant for people who want time to power down their computers safely, not keep running until the power comes back on.

All of the fish in the ninety gallon tank are fine, but I can’t find ┬áthe baby Pleco in the ten gallon tank.

Anyway, I’m going to go make some coffee. Here’s some Jimi from 1967. If you believe the description on YouTube (and who wouldn’t?), George and Paul were in the audience that day.


Fish Central

When I got a little fishtank in 2005, with two beautiful goldfish, it was never my intention to become the crazy fish lady, but it seems that it’s progressed to that. Way back five years ago at the suggestion of a friend who’d already coaxed two other friends into the world of fish-keeping I ended up with a ten gallon fishtank on the floor of my first apartment in this city, and I spent a good amount of time sitting in front of it looking at my two little pets, Harold and Maude.

Now, five years later, my Plecos are having babies, and I have two fishtanks in the kitchen. That same ten gallon tank is set up again as a home for the babies, the ninety gallon tank is their actual home, and a forty gallon tank -my gateway tank, if you will- is sitting in the basement unused, being reconsidered as a home for the adult Plecos when they get a bit older.

All I wanted was two little goldfish, and now I’ve got three tanks, and have to consider the hydro bill.


The light in the kitchen had been off since 7pm when the fishtank’s light turned itself off, so when I wandered into the kitchen just now at nearly twenty after ten, all the fish thought it was the middle of the night. Flicking the light on gave me opportunity to see six of the little baby Plecos all out and eating algae off the tank walls!

I’d thought that only two had survived. Originally, I’d been able to count eight of them, and I’ve only ever seen what I thought was a single dead one, so maybe there is still another one hiding somewhere. After two months, even the largest ones are hardly an inch long, so in this ninety gallon tank, they’re apparently very hard to spot.


Spent the whole weekend either fixing my computer, or fixing up the internets. Now all my calendars, emails, and photos are seemingly working together. It’s taken me nearly 12 hours straight to do it, and I’m not quite done yet, but this computer is growing on me. It’s taken nearly 2 months to get used to this new operating system, but as I discover more and more things about it, I am inclined to like it slightly more.

The Blackberry backup program for Windows was just absolute garbage. On this Mac, I’ve figured out a way for it to almost seamlessly sync into a calendar on the computer, into an address book on the computer, and I have it working both ways – any changes made on either my phone or the computer then send themselves to the other device. My PC wasn’t capable of that. It pretended to be, but it always either dropped information on one side or the other.

My photographs are slowly coming along. I haven’t updated since February, but now I’m getting my photographs sorted out again, and have trolled through them all again so I should be getting back in line with all of that. It’s really weird, but I seemingly didn’t take a single photograph in January 2010. I have cell phone photographs, but none from my actual camera.

At some point – if I get really industrious – I might redo this entire blog’s format into something alot more simple, but at this point, I’m not too concerned about it. I’d rather have all my photos all sorted properly and accounted for.