2 New Fish

At the fish store yesterday, I bought 2 new Plecos.

The tank is now up to:

8 Blue Silvertip Tetras, 7 Black Phantom Tetras, 2 Longfin Albino Bushnose Plecos, 3 Flying Foxes, 1 Neon Tetra, and 4 Zebra Nerite snails. There are also a handful of invasive little… weird snails that came in on the plants. They aren’t quite eating the plants, and I’m almost planning on buying some sort of fish that might like to eat them, but I worry that whatever that fish is might bother my other fish. In all, we’re at twenty-one fish and 4 snails.

There is also a smattering of Java ferns (about 7) , 3 moss balls, and originally what was a single Marble Queen Sword sprouted babies at the end of long stalks, so I snipped them off, and now there are 3 of those plants around the tank.


These are the 2 newest Fish

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There’s a Donut in the Printer

I am seriously beginning to wonder if there is something weird going on. Today I’ve noticed that the manual focus control on my camera won’t work in Macro mode, however, it’s perfectly fine for Super Macro, and all my other manual setting seem to be working normally. I have yet to figure out why anyone would like to shoot in auto-focus mode for Macro photography. It’s a decent little prosumer Canon. It’s great for what it is, but it’s no SLR.

My printer is no longer on the fritz. As expected, after hardly 20 hours of being fully powered off and unplugged, I turned it back on, and there she was – completely fine in every respect. Jail term over and bailed out, the printer is now printing normally.

Earlier today I went to Tim Horton’s and got another Boston Cream donut. I didn’t end up eating any of it. The local Tim Horton’s I go to has a terrible habit of putting hot donuts into  paper carry-out bags, thus sticking the icing to the side of the bag, and fusing the entire donut to the paper. By the time I got to where I was going and the donut had sat in the bag for fifteen minutes and mostly cooled off, my attempt to pull it out resulted in a mangled mess of ex-donut. Since they don’t -by default- give you any napkins and I was wearing dress pants, I just threw the whole thing back into the bag and put it on the floor of my car. What a mess.

MMA Ladies

I’m all for ladies in the ring. Women fighters, brawlers, whatever you want to call them, they can do just as good of a job as their male counterparts. (I say they and not we because you’re not going to catch me out there. I played rugby in highschool, and yes – maybe with a bit of training -one day- I could do it, but at this point in life? No. I’d get my ass handed to me.)  Women in wrestling, mma, boxing and and any type of contact sport deserve to be there if they’ve put in the time and training.

That said, age is a factor. 49. 49? This lady has the cards stacked against her. All the power though… DeEtta Petersen is determined to get in the ring and fight before she turns 50.

Here’s a video of her training from Kimatv.com

Anyone remember this mess?

Hawaii Chair

I am watching an ad for the TOBI stupid iron-on-a-stick… Are you KIDDING me?

A long time ago I wrote about the Hawaii Chair. This crap makes me want a Hawaii Chair. This dumb vacuum pretending to be an iron doesn’t look like fun, but that silly old chair could at least pass for a ride or something. You could have a garage sale and charge parents a nickel for rides on it for their kids or something.

The Barack Chia Head grows grass at least… It serves a purpose too I guess. Who names an IRON a ‘TOBI’??

[Update: I apparently wrote 2 posts about that damn Hawaii chair… that damn thing was on tv for a long time… ]

Chia Obama

I have owned exactly one Chia Pet in my life. My aunt gave it to me, and I think it’s fantastic. It’s a Chia Puppy, and -of course- when you spread the grass seeds on it, it grows hair. I have recently seen an ad for a new Chia Pet. A rather presidential Chia Pet. That’s right, it’s a Chia Pet formed in the shape of Barack Obama’s head.

Spread the seeds and he grows hair. Spread the seeds and he grows an afro. How obvious.

Get your piece of American history. I am unsure if it’s actually OK for people to be selling these or not. The sentiment is right, and if you actually watch the commercial, it’s all about American pride and joy, and love for their country.

Hope, change, and building the economy by buying little pieces of pottery, sold exclusively sold through Walmart or through the TV stations selling the product. The entire Walmart argument aside (that’s an entire other story), I can’t help but think how blatantly racist it is at the same time, ‘look kids! The black president has an afro!’

I’m undecided on this Chia Pet. I have a Barack Obama T-shirt that I actually bought in Chicago, so I won’t be buying this piece of memorabilia anyway.

My Printer’s Name is Karla

The Konica Minolta I’ve got is actually quite a lovely little printer, and chugs away like a dream. Four point font is as crisp and clean as your eyes will allow, but the ink on the page is definitely clear as day. Every now and again though, the thing decides that it’s got a paper jam in the back of itself, and despite all efforts to clear it nothing, except nothing will fix it. Too many bright lights into the paper try, and streaming out the top of the unit, and contortionist-like moves looking for that damn shred of paper…  and I finally  have to leave the printer alone powered off by itself for two days, and each time,  every time, on power-up… *blink* no error message. Everything is fine. Little green power light: ready to print. No paper jam.

I’ve spent the last 24 hours semi upset wondering why all my appliances seemingly decided to hate me all at the same time. The washing machine has been on the fritz for months, so that’s nothing new, but just this past few days, I put a cup of water into the microwave, and when the minute was up my cup of water was still stone cold. The microwave no longer is working at all. It wouldn’t have been such a great surprise if the toaster’s element hadn’t burned out a few weeks ago. Early Friday afternoon when the printer decided to have an off day and blink orange lights of paper-jam death at me, I was beginning to wonder if my house is in the middle of some sort of EMF that’s causing my appliances to die. Then again, a 14-year-old toaster and a hand-me-down microwave are both doomed to failure at some point.


Why does a Chocolate Dip donut cost the same as a Boston Cream? A Chocolate Dip is nothing but a Boston Cream with a hole in the middle and no lovely little custard filling. Basically, your eighty-nine cent Chocolate Dip is like the dumb little brother who just tagged along for the ride, but no one really wanted him to come, but mum said he had to, so we brought him to the movies even though everyone actually just wanted to hang out with the way cooler, way older Boston Cream.