i eed a ew keyaboard

y keyboard cae out of rehab quitesober but it has sice reetured to its old ways.2 i a goig to eed to buy a ew oe.2 y tygig skills are actually quite good but you’d ever kow it fro this gos gost.2

how lovely.2 fid e a sglit keyboard. gleases.2.2.2


My head Hurts.

It has nothing to do with the beer and a half I drank yesterday. It’s more likely related to the fact that I ate about a pound and a half of black cherries from the neighbour’s tree. The raccoons have been fighting over the fruit, and since it’s been raining for the past few days, it’s cherry-picking season, apparently. The guy showed me how he does his exercises before climbing the tree, and told me that he’s been looking for me the past few days because I told his daughter that I’d help pick the cherries sometime in June. Maybe I’ll go help them today.

For Why are they Sorted into Three, based on… Nothing?

These two plates of screws…are exactly the same in every way -shape, length and size-  as this third plate of screws over here... clearly you could have just dumped them all in a bag and just put your keyboard back together based on the fact that there are an equal number of screws and holes into which the screws go.

Yeah, but I didn’ t know that when I was initially taking the keyboard apart, now did I.

I’m Not Drunk, You’re Just an Asshole

Maybe it wasn’t Bruce Campbell, maybe it wasn’t the Polkaroo, but someone said it, and that someone was me.

Sorry buddy, but I can quote myself, and I can quote myself well. I don’t even have to remember what I said.

Old Folks, Young Folks

This was quite alot of fun — I’d forgotten that I’d taken this video. It’s not the video in its entirety though. For some reason, the end of it is getting cut off… Anyway, that’s us, rehearsing for our Party Piece in Winnipeg. It was great.

UPDATE: I’ve fixed the video so now it works properly and can be seen the whole way through.


Performing at the church later that night.


We had alot of fun.

New Tires!

I finally went out and got new tires for my bicycle, as I’ve been meaning to do for nearly three months now. It’s great! I went for a giant bike ride, but only discovered on the way home, that I live on top of a giant hill, and that I’d apparently been coasting downhill for nearly half and hour before I decided to turn around and head back to my house.

My new tires are wider than my old ones, but the roads in Toronto really are nonsense. Even with the designated bicycle lanes, the streets are so ripped up that it makes staying in the bike lane nearly impossible most of the time, and I was constantly darting around bits and pieces of junk and pot holes. I’ll have to practice more. At one point, I wanted to make a left hand turn at an intersection that was under construction, and was a complete mess — my first instinct was to just pretend that I was a pedestrian and go on the sidewalk around all of the construction mess. Instead, there was another bicyclist who appeared to know what she was doing making the same left-hand turn across the intersection, and so I just followed her as if we were cars, and I sort of pretended like I knew what I was doing there in the middle of the intersection, meanwhile I probably looked like a bewildered squirrel. After we made our turn safely, she just smoked me at about 70 km/h down the street, and I sort of kept moseying along wondering how I didn’t die in the streetcar tracks while turning.

The ride back home didn’t kill me, but in retrospect, it’s not actually that big of an accomplishment passing a little old man who was pushing his rusty 3-speed up the hill when I’m a young kid on a street bike… At the time all I could think was ‘he’s pushing his bike! I’m in better shape than somebody!’

I need more practise. Toronto streets are crazy.