Slow, but not Retarded…

This sign makes me so furious every single time I see it that I finally stopped and took a picture of it. The real kicker is going to be when I’m old and in the way if I actually do get Alzheimers and I have reason to be sitting in that waiting room, and I don’t know that that goddamn sign is spelled wrong, and I’m OK with the fact that it’s still hanging there, mocking me in my ignorance.

Geriatric Assesment Clinic

Geriatric Assesment Clinic

UPDATE: (April 16, 2009) This is posted at the Oakville-Trafalgar Hospital, in the hallway just past the Outpatient check-in area. This photo was taken while I was facing south, with my back to this particular waiting room.


At Least They Tried

Split Peas

Please do no soak split peas. (Rinse before using)

Hello Grackle!

Grackle Bird?

This weird little bird sure was making a racket. He was in that tree with his buddy for a few hours, squawking away about this that and the other thing.

Bird Gettin’ a Drink

BIrd on the Bath

Another bird at the bar. He is not that thirsty. He is more interested in hanging out. The conversation is usually pretty good. The bartender lets him chill out and watch the TV, even if he doesn't order that many drinks.

King of the Castle

Green Dude

I got him last summer, and he's been sitting on my computer monitor ever since... For some reason, I took him outside today, and took some photos. Cute little dude, I think. I really just wanted to play with the macro focus on my lens, and the fish tank just wasn't cutting it any longer.

Little Dude

Little Dude

He is from Burger King, or quite possibly Wendy's, I really have no idea.

More Stuff

Got MORE candles from the Find-and-Grab, Jon restored a lot of the photos from that SD card (but the card was completely fried in the end), cleaned up the yard a bit, American Idol is a bit of a bust this year, the fishing season doesn’t start until the weekend AFTER we want to go fishing, so our trip is a bit of a bust -but that’s OK, really- and not having the heart to tell the neighbour I’m allergic to everything, I’ve promised her that I’ll help her pick the cherries off the tree on her lawn when they ripen in June.