Stupid Nokia

I have to stop trying to write blog posts out of my Nokia cell phone. I continually end up with the same post up here multiple times.



I wish Palermo’s delivered this far north. Damn.


I will be offline until I either order internet in February, or get my blackberry replaced within the next two weeks.

If you need to contact me, phone me, or send me a text. I’l be putting my SIM card into an old cell, but I won’t have blackberry messenger or any form of internet.My mum kindly lent me her blackberry to use as a battery charger over the holidays, but now my battery is dying again, and I have no way of charging it!


Another fighter is dead.

It’s been a bad year for fighters. One guy wandered off into the desert at some point, and on December 18th Justin Levens shot and killed his wife and himself. I wonder if it’s like this for every sport, and it’s only because MMA is one of the few sports I follow that I have an idea of how many of the athletes are dying. Do this many professional soccer players die every year? They certainly might, but I only follow soccer once every four years during the World Cup. Anyway, Justin Eliers is dead. Someone shot him. The last time he fought was in July for EliteXC, and he lost to Antonio Silva.

MMA fighter Eilers found dead

Mixed martial arts fighter Justin Eilers was shot and killed late Christmas night in Nampa, Idaho. Eilers’ manager and friend, Monte Cox, confirmed his death to on Friday morning.

According to KTRV Fox 12 in Nampa, Canyon County Sheriff’s officers responded to a domestic disturbance call in the 4600 block of Happy Valley Road in Nampa around 10:45 p.m. on Thursday.

When officers arrived on the scene they found that an adult male, later confirmed by Cox as Eilers, had been shot and killed. James Robert Malec, 48, was taken into custody and charged with second-degree murder.

Details surrounding the incident have not yet been revealed by police, but sources close to Eilers indicate that Malec is the boyfriend of Eilers’ mother.

Emergency workers attempted to revive Eilers, but were unsuccessful, according to KTRV.

The incident is still under investigation by the Canyon County Sheriff’s Office.

Eilers – 19-7-1 as a professional MMA fighter – fought for the Ultimate Fighting Championship in late 2004 where he won his Octagon debut before exiting the promotion following a three-fight skid. One of the losses was to then UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski. He would later fight for World Extreme Cagefighting a couple of times before losing an EliteXC heavyweight title bid to Antonio Silva earlier this year in July.

Eilers was 30 years old at the time of his death.

See the original article here on MMA Weekly

Moblogging x5

The post below this one is formatted terribly, and has been posted five times. While I was trying to post from my Nokia phone, it kept coming up with an unknown error, so I kept hitting ‘publish’ before giving up. Oops.

I am with family for Christmas. My parents have both cable AND internet! Woo! Christmas will be nice.

At least my internet lasts until april…

Rogers has deemed my blackberry defective, and so they are going to send me a new one. They were more than willing to send one to me within five business days, but it would be a pink one.
No way.
I do Not want a stupid pink phone. Black or grey i would have been ok with, but not a pink one. I’m not a Mattel Barbie with an office job and pink accessories. When a red one is in stock, they’ll send it to me. That’s nice. I’m kinda mad because I paid for a warranty that will replace my phone in twenty-four hours, and Rogers is apparently not able to uphold their own terms of sale. I also found out that my unlimited bandwidth goes until the end of March, not the end of December as I originally thought. That too, is nice.

What ISN’T nice is blogging from my old Nokia cell phone. It’s kind of ridiculous, actually.

UPDATE: I had originally posted this five times. I have now deleted the previous four copies of this post, and just left the one intact. I posted this from my Nokia cell phone, and each time that I hit “publish” the phone came back with some sort of error, so I had assumed it didn’t work.

Story of My Life…

Goes something like this:

I get a phone.
I break it.
I get a new one.

I have every phone number I need either memorized or written down in my (analoge!) Day planner. I have the foresight to not keep anything important in my cell, cause the way I go through them, I have to replace them every six months.

Well, it’s back to my old brick of a Nokia while this one gets fixed or replaced. Thank god for ‘idiot warranties’. Basically, if I break it by any means, they replace it. Drop it in a toilet? New phone. Throw it under a bus? New phone. Decide I want to take it apart and lose half the pieces? New phone!!!!

Battery won’t charge, and THAT’s a manufacturer defect. New Phone!