The light in the kitchen had been off since 7pm when the fishtank’s light turned itself off, so when I wandered into the kitchen just now at nearly twenty after ten, all the fish thought it was the middle of the night. Flicking the light on gave me opportunity to see six of the little baby Plecos all out and eating algae off the tank walls!

I’d thought that only two had survived. Originally, I’d been able to count eight of them, and I’ve only ever seen what I thought was a single dead one, so maybe there is still another one hiding somewhere. After two months, even the largest ones are hardly an inch long, so in this ninety gallon tank, they’re apparently very hard to spot.



I had the main -the only- harddrive in my computer die this morning. I woke up to the equivalent of a kill screen, only it was nothing like in Donkey Kong when everyone thinks you’re awesome that you ran out of memory, it was more like the morning that I woke up to the sound of my Ovation falling over and whacking its neck on the leg of my desk chair. Horrible. My next few days are gonna be like Little House on the Prairie, if they knew what it was like to be waist deep in data recovery with 2 shitty backups and no other entertainment.

TTC Fare Hike

The TTC is raising its fare again, and thus far, the only change I’ve spotted is one of its drivers sitting in a little cage. I went to say hello to him, and then wasn’t quite sure how to engage this poor caged animal in conversation. Either a bank teller or a lion, one or the other is driving this bus, but neither was able to talk to me through the pin holes poked in the plastic surrounding his seat. How absurd. Is this what my extra quarter is paying for?


Why does a Chocolate Dip donut cost the same as a Boston Cream? A Chocolate Dip is nothing but a Boston Cream with a hole in the middle and no lovely little custard filling. Basically, your eighty-nine cent Chocolate Dip is like the dumb little brother who just tagged along for the ride, but no one really wanted him to come, but mum said he had to, so we brought him to the movies even though everyone actually just wanted to hang out with the way cooler, way older Boston Cream.


I’ve figured out how to make WordPress work from my cellphone! At this point, I have yet to really get into it- this being my first post and all, but there are a lot of possibilities here.

The Internet Is Back!

The regular cable-through-the-wall-type internet has found its way back into the house, and it’s quite lovely being connected to the outside world by means other thanĀ  radio and several televisions with coathangers jammed into their backs! I had unlimited internet on my Blackberry for six months, and during that time, I had been tethering it to my computer, managing to push nearly 2 gigs worth of data a month through the poor little USB port. I’m on my second handset after having burned out the port on the first one, and now that my unlimited data plan is up no way in hell am I paying to push that kind of data around.

Woo! I’m connected!

Just in time too, because now that I’m on my second Blackberry… the USB port has a physically bent prong. These stupid little handsets aren’t built very well. I don’t treat the thing badly. I put it in my purse, and yes, maybe it goes in there with my house keys and wallet, but that is normal. Whatever. Within three to five business days, I’ll have my third Blackberry in my hands. Yay for warranties! Yay for internet!

Third Blackberry

Left to Right: Battery won't hold a charge for anything longer than 5 minutes, Cracked the screen about two months after I bought it, Jon's trusty Nokia that I keep returning to whenever I break a phone I'm currently using (thanks), Usb port has a bent prong and I need this phone replaced.

Yay, Bots

At first I thought my Blackberry was going haywire (again), because from the other room I could hear it continually beeping, and I was beginning to get upset, because I did NOT want to go through the trials and tribulations of Rogers customer ‘service’ again to get it replaced.

The little tone that plays when I get an email is about 1 second long, and sounds like a doorbell. My phone was in my office, and from my kitchen, it sounded like there was a very impatient postman leaning on the doorbell, waiting to deliver a package, or a little kid wanting to know if his friend could come out to play. I was convinced my phone was dying. I was hoping that I was just incredibly popular, and that suddenly my friends had all decided to email me all at the same time.

I have 56 emails from an un-manned UPS device. Lovely. Good news? My phone is not broken. Bad news? I’m not as popular as I could have hoped.