Breakout Album of the Year

Sarah Clark, the second-grader, up at five in the morning to wail on the family’s living room piano, is all grown up and is on the eve of releasing her first album. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Sarah play in Toronto and she sounds so much beyond her years, pulling from folk and pop influences. She sings with intensity and purpose, showcasing her talents for all of keys, vocals, and guitar.

\”A Little Wiggle\” by Sarah Clark


Baking Ain’t my Forte

For a Saturday afternoon project, I’ve made chocolate bran muffins, and man-Oh-man, have they turned out to be Boring As Shit. Baked perfectly, sized exactly, if they were more interesting I’d be proud, but instead I’m stuck with eleven more choco-styro-balls.

The Missing Link Between Noise and Sound

Oh, the crap for breakfast, eh? Try a jar of Nutella for dinner! Found this on Youtube, and it made me laugh.

Got a tire patched

‘Rims and stripes make it go faster right?’

‘Well sure lady, but you gotta slow down anyway to accommodate for everyone else who wants to listen to your stereo.’

I’ve had the same tires for a long time, and I can conclusively say, I don’t drive like a jerk. Brakes and tires wear out faster if you drive aggressively, and I apparently don’t. The peppy car and I are back on the road, full steam ahead.

My Peppy Car Needs Healthcare

Driving a car on a spare tire is the social equivalent of having gangrene. Everyone’s been looking at me strangely, and every pebble in the road feels it’s going to kill us. Grace and elegance, we have none. Dancing around corners with the wind in my hair is but a memory. My driving sunglasses are in the glovebox, and the stereo’s turned off, because the peppy car and I are sick.

All I Need

Winter is Coming

The hail on the roof is so loud that I had to go outside to see if it was a raccoon. It wasn’t, and there’s now only leftover rain to see.


No hail here!