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Twitter Sucks

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I have only been using Twitter for Eleven weeks and I am already furious that this is what I see when I try to log in. Seriously? Hurry the fuck up! Thanks for the cute image and all, but I have lots of time to waste!

Slow, but not Retarded…

This sign makes me so furious every single time I see it that I finally stopped and took a picture of it. The real kicker is going to be when I’m old and in the way if I actually do get Alzheimers and I have reason to be sitting in that waiting room, and I don’t know that that goddamn sign is spelled wrong, and I’m OK with the fact that it’s still hanging there, mocking me in my ignorance.

Geriatric Assesment Clinic

Geriatric Assesment Clinic

UPDATE: (April 16, 2009) This is posted at the Oakville-Trafalgar Hospital, in the hallway just past the Outpatient check-in area. This photo was taken while I was facing south, with my back to this particular waiting room.

That was…

… way too easy.



Canada Has Been Left Out

We have none of these.

wafflehouse, ihop

ihop, wafflehouse

Yesterday Was Uneventful

By the time I got home from work, I fed the fish and found myself in in a conundrum. There I was in the kitchen, fighting -quite literally, fighting- with the wine bottle, thinking that God had made shitty hotel-style corkscrews solely for the purpose of punishing me. There is nothing quite as eloquent as putting the bottle on the floor between my feet, and hauling on the cork, hoping theĀ  bottle opens, but praying it doesn’t open so quickly that I get a self-inflicted black eye.

I did not punch myself in the face, and I discovered that friends who own restaurants are the people to ask for wine recommendations.

Also, My Camera is Broken

Like the title says… my camera is busted.

Like the last post, let’s look at pretty things. Sorry Jimmy, at least it didn’t mess you up, just the pathway. This photo is like a million weeks old, but I’ve been waiting to post it until a day when I was actually mad about the stupid camera.