David and Glenn


What a Weekend!

My nice little blackberry decided it wanted to spend Friday night out under the stars. It wouldn’t have been such a terrible idea if it wasn’t raining out, but it was, and so the poor thing has a bit of water on the brain. Oh well, after a bit of running around Saturday trying to find it, it’s now got an unworkable keypad, but at least I can make phone calls after it had a nice nap in a bucket of rice for most of the afternoon.┬áCome Monday, I’ll be on to my fourth blackberry in less than two years. I’m glad that I bought a warranty, and I’m glad that I keep the thing backed up.

Blackberry under Roses

The spider in the background was just there for the photobomb opportunity.

Following an afternoon of siphoning water from the kitchen tank into a smaller basement tank, all the fish have now moved into their 40 gallon summer home while their house undergoes some small renovations, a bit of minor landscaping and a major pest control. There are now two fully set up tanks – one in the kitchen and one in the basement – and their permanent tank which I’m redo-ing because I’ve noticed an infestation of mites starting in the gravel. I’m really beginning to think I’ve gone off the deep end as the tank in the basement is sitting where the television used to be, and the television has been rejected into a corner where I can go from pretending to not watch it to actually knowingly not watching it.