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Sand Art


Don’t Talk in the Theatre!

According to some other guy’s blog,TBS is now- officially- the most annoying television station in the history of the universe.

When broadcasters started getting creative back in the early 90’s with animating their bugs, it wasn’t that bad. It didn’t ruin the experience of watching TV. Remember when YTV got really into it, and actually made the bugs bugs? The little critter would appear in a corner, scurry across 3 inches of the screen, and promptly morph into the YTV logo before it faded to a semi-transparent gray-scale logo. Not annoying. To kids, it was cute.

A year or so ago, some stations took it too far. They would bring lower thirds into shows that not only gave the viewer some information about up-coming programming, but also danced across the screen, and moved around too much to be considered even mildly ignorable. They never made any noise, but a dancing football player in a corner of a TV show always detracted from the actual SHOW. The Simpsons actually had a small segment in one episode dedicated to that. It was annoying, but it still wasn’t the end of the world.

The world has begun to implode. It’s a controlled demolition, and TBS is attempting to do it without completely destroying their programming. They have failed. What they’re doing is the equivalent to renting a movie, and having to pause it nineteen million times while the kids come running into the room wanting a drink of water, whining about bugs in their room, asking please if they can go to the park tomorrow, mom my foot hurts, mom I’m scared, mom, I can’t remember why I’m still awake, please I’m not trying to make you crazy, I’ll watch the movie with you, why’s the movie over—.

TBS’ new interstitials are ruining television.