Not All Journalists Went to Grade Four

NBC_April 2008

Even when working for a national media corporation, some people, and editors, manage to overlook even the simplest of errors. The ‘poppy’s’ being written about didn’t own shit. They’re plants.

For more context, it’s an article about an old couple who were growing and cultivating more poppies for heroin than the United States has ever seen. 3670 plants were seized and the pair is being investigated. I might be the only person who finds it odd that the husband is 84, while the wife is hardly even 60.

As easy as it would be to judge their age difference, or their garden, maybe they are quite content with their choice of ‘job’, whereas this uncredited journalist may well be an idiot.

Read the original story here


One Response to “Not All Journalists Went to Grade Four”

  1. Jonathon Says:

    I love you.

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