It seems like I got nothing done this weekend, but the dishwasher has been installed, and I’ve spent much of the afternoon practising how to load it. Two trips to Home Depot, and I’m surprised I managed to get out of there for a total of $36 dollars plus a rental which was another $19. A bit like a candy store, the Home Depot is hard to get out of for less than a hundred bucks. I even returned 2 things, bringing my grand total for the weekend DOWN to hardly $49.

Whatever money I saved by returning unused plumbing supplies, I spent on coffee though, so it’s not like I’m winning any points on the frugality charts here. I hit up Starbucks twice today, but (for some reason) peeked in the door upon my return to make sure the staff had changed over since my first visit. I was worried the staff were judging me that I might like a coffee twice in one day. I didn’t think that about the lady at the tool rental stand in Home Depot. In fact, when I saw her for the second time in the same day, I waved my pex crimper thinger triumphantly ‘Thanks! I want to return this now!’ Dare I not want to buy 2 (4? 5!) coffees in one day.

New Dishwasher

Now the dirty dishes have a home until they need to be washed. This used to be a cupboard!


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