Fish Central

When I got a little fishtank in 2005, with two beautiful goldfish, it was never my intention to become the crazy fish lady, but it seems that it’s progressed to that. Way back five years ago at the suggestion of a friend who’d already coaxed two other friends into the world of fish-keeping I ended up with a ten gallon fishtank on the floor of my first apartment in this city, and I spent a good amount of time sitting in front of it looking at my two little pets, Harold and Maude.

Now, five years later, my Plecos are having babies, and I have two fishtanks in the kitchen. That same ten gallon tank is set up again as a home for the babies, the ninety gallon tank is their actual home, and a forty gallon tank -my gateway tank, if you will- is sitting in the basement unused, being reconsidered as a home for the adult Plecos when they get a bit older.

All I wanted was two little goldfish, and now I’ve got three tanks, and have to consider the hydro bill.


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