Two Days, and It’s Changing ME

I’ve always had calendars. Since the third grade, the school supplied them, and throughout to the end of highschool, I always kept a good record of everything I had to do, but it was always on paper.It’s gotten to the point that over the years, I’ve actually taken to carrying around 12-month wall calendars with me. Sure, I’ve had a few really nice moleskin notebook calendars, but they only last a year, and then I’m back to whatever current mess of papers I can dig up to keep track of my day-to-day living. For the past several months (nearly 2 years, actually), I’ve been making monthly grids in Publisher, with photographs in the corner, and printing them at home. They’re little personalized calendars, and I just print them out every month, and carry the sheets of paper around with me. With the Dell dead, and I’ve forgotten to restore that file, and who knows how the hell to open a publishers file on this Mac…. iCal is looking pretty interesting. I’ve found a way to sync my Blackberry to it. We’ll see.


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