New OS

What a lovely weekend. “Family Day” meant that Monday was a day away from the office, so the long weekend was spent nerding it up, restoring my Dell into my new Mac. Yes, that’s right – the hipsters have invaded, having brought their built-in cameras and swipeable touchpads, blazing fast processors, and really really easy backup systems, Mac beat out Sony, Asus, and Alienware this time around. I hate the keyboard though. I really can’t scream it from the rooftops enough: I can’t handle this damn clickity-clack-Chicklet-inspired keyboard. I like keyboards that I can just pound the crap out of, and this little sixth-grade-girl-hopscotch-crap feels like I’m going to break it.

Here, this is from the new iSight thing. This blog used to catch a lot of other people’s grammatical errors, but that got old and boring and too bitchy. Maybe now I’ll just start posting pictures from this little cam thing. This is with the television that my Dad got as a 12th birthday present.


This television has never quite died, but it's broken a few times, and Dad just keeps fixing the guts.


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