If I thought that media storage was a commodity that had really come down in price, that I didn’t think much of, I had opportunity to think more about things we often take for granted when the water bill came in the mail today.

Doing the math on it, for potable, easily-accessible water, it’s cost slightly more than forty-two cents a day for each thirty six gallons. Cheeeaap. That’s half a dollar for three giant buckets. Yes, it’s ‘just water’, that could be considered expensive, but to put it in a bit of perspective, there are 500ml bottles of the same liquid for sale in the convenience store for $2.50.

The odd part about buying drinking water from foreign countries is that bottled water isn’t regulated. When I turn my tap on, I know that the city I live on has people monitoring the water, making sure it’s not going to kill me. Sarah Silverman isn’t monitoring my Fiji bottled water, whether or not I like the bottle, whether or not I like paying $2.99 a bottle for it. There are countries where drinking water is considered anything that doesn’t have giant visible bugs in it, and here we’re literally importing it from those countries, while we could just be drinking our cheap 1.16 cent per gallon water.


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