Data storage is cheeaaap and readily available. 1 terabyte and a case, with all the cables, didn’t have to go source out any of it on Spadina. The last time I bought harddrives, it was like going to Consumers Distributing- you had to know what you wanted, they brought you a menu and then disappeared for a while, then brought it back. I then spent the next half hour driving, trying to put cases together, hoping not to drop teeny tiny screws down into the old Hyundai. Cases didn’t come with power cables or usb cables either- all the stuff was separate. Granted, at this point, I have so many millions of generic usb cables, that I really don’t need the one that came with my harddrive today. It’s about the equivalent of a high-end digital camera coming with a 512MB SD card: Any pro just gives it to their kid.


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