Coffee Wreck

I was actually dressed rather half-nicely today in jeans and a dress shirt, but just as I was having my last sip of coffee, I managed to -once again- misjudge how much liquid was in the mug. I do this far too often for it to be a mistake, and I’m beginning to wonder if my coffee mugs have it out for me. First it was the appliances, now I’m looking sideways at the pottery. I’ve been doing this my whole life – what I assume to be the ‘last sip’ of coffee tends to be the equivalent of what could have been six last sips, and I end up tipping the mug up at too high of an angle (today while walking up the stairs), and -oops- there goes my drink down my shirt. Damn.

And that’s how I ended up wearing an Atari t-shirt to the office today.


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