2 New Fish

At the fish store yesterday, I bought 2 new Plecos.

The tank is now up to:

8 Blue Silvertip Tetras, 7 Black Phantom Tetras, 2 Longfin Albino Bushnose Plecos, 3 Flying Foxes, 1 Neon Tetra, and 4 Zebra Nerite snails. There are also a handful of invasive little… weird snails that came in on the plants. They aren’t quite eating the plants, and I’m almost planning on buying some sort of fish that might like to eat them, but I worry that whatever that fish is might bother my other fish. In all, we’re at twenty-one fish and 4 snails.

There is also a smattering of Java ferns (about 7) , 3 moss balls, and originally what was a single Marble Queen Sword sprouted babies at the end of long stalks, so I snipped them off, and now there are 3 of those plants around the tank.


These are the 2 newest Fish

A blue fish of some sort died the other day. For a very long time, I actually thought he was one of the Silvertip Tetras, but he was incredibly (really!) incredibly fat. I didn’t know why he’d died, considering I’d just bought those Tetras on May 19th and six months isn’t a long lifespan for a Tetra when the water quality of my tank is very good and they are eating good food. If he had died from the stress of moving into a quaratine tank and back into this display tank in August when I built it, I wouldn’t have been that surprised, but considering that was three months ago, I didn’t understand why my fish had died. A properly cared for Silvertip Tetra can live for 5 years. I got my answer at the fish store yesterday: looking at all their tanks, I realised that he wasn’t a Tetra at all – he was one of the last Blue Platys that Jon and I had at the old apartment. The fish had died because he was incredily old. A Platy typically lives for about 3 or 5 years maximum, and considering that I probably got this fish in 2007, and he has moved not only from the old apartment to this house, I’d say he had a pretty damn good life.

I’ve figured out this little fish’s life, and assuming he came straight from the farm to Big Al’s, here’s all the places he lived:

-whatever farm or hatchery or lake

-Big Al’s display tank (unknown period of time)

-into a bag in my car (max 1 hour)

-40 gallon tank (an unknown period of time, as I’m not 100% sure when I bought this fish – possibly 1.5 years)

-10 gallon bucket to move across the city (max 2 hours)

-10 gallon tank in new house while 40 gallon tank gets set up (10 days)

-40 gallon tank (13 months)

-10 gallon tank while 90 gallon tank is set up* (10 days)

-90 gallon tank (3 months)

This little fish has lived more places than I have! He’s been in nine different places in his life, all of which could have significantly increased his stress level, thus shortening his lifespan, so the fact that he made it upwards of two years is amazing – what’s pathetic is the fact that I had no idea I still had a Platy in my tank until I was at the fish store looking at all their other Blue Platys and recognized that I had -until very recently- one swimming around in my tank. Originally I think I had bought three of them, but only one made it as far as my moving to this house.

*I would have skipped this step, but the ninety gallon tank was going to go in the same place as the old forty gallon, so I had to transfer all the fish to a small quarantine tank while I drained their previous tank and set up the new one. It would have been easier on both me and the fish to just set up the new tank and then transfer the fish to it, but then we’d need a bigger house.


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