David Duchovny. Less Mulder. More Awesome. Possible?

With Californication it is! I just watched the entire first season. Again. When it came out in 2007 I remember watching it, but I didn’t see the entire thing, even though I had it, and I’ve recently just gotten back in to it. I cannot believe I didn’t see all of it. I’ve recently heard mixed reviews about the second season, saying that it was a bit of a let-down considering how great the first was, but that it’s still worth watching. Considering though, that I don’t even have cable, I’ll likely continue to watch it.

I’m going to watch the second season, then wait for Eastbound and Down’s second season as well as another season of 10 Things I Hate About You. I’ve never really been one for following entire seasons of televsion shows – not since Full House, anyway (!), so I’m happy that I can wait until the entire show is over and then I can download and watch them all in row. I can’t stand waiting an entire week in between episodes. Speaking of, I don’t think I ever did find out if Uncle Jesse came to the alter after Aunt Becky was standing there in her dress waiting for him, thinking she’d been stood up, unaware that he’d been skydiving and was stuck in a tree! (To be continued..! No It won’t..! You can’t download this shit!)


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