Tank Update

Nothing much is going on. The new fishtank is so big that in order to do “proper” water changes I actually took 3 giant buckets of water out of it yesterday, cleaned the filter’s housing, replaced the carbon, and then said ‘enough is enough’ and decided that today I would get around to replacing the water I took out of it. In the summer, spring and fall, I take water out of the tank and dump it into the gardens as all the nice poopy fish water is good for the plants. In the winter it’s going to be rather interesting hauling thirty gallons of water a week down the stairs into the basement to dump it into the toilet. I might see if I can get some sort of big tubing system going straight from the tank to the toilet so that I can avoid the buckets all together. It’s entirely possible since the tank is higher than the toilet and it’d just suction out. We shall see.

In other news directly related to the first news, I’ve found several small snails in the tank. I think they came in on the plants. I’ve always had 4 Zebra Nerite Snails, but these are little-bitty snails which -I suspect- could start breeding and, potentially start eating holes in the leaves on the plants. What a pain in the ass. There is some ‘medication’ I could put in the water to get rid of them, but that would also kill my lovely Nerites. I’m going to wait it out and see if these little snails actually get out of control or if they keep themselves in check. I don’t want to harm them, but I also don’t want them to take over my brand new giant tank, nor do I want them to eat nearly $60 worth of plants.

I can’t decide what sort of “bigger” fish to put in there. I was thinking about either Angels or Discus. It was pointed out to me that Angels are just too typical, and I agree, and while I really really like Discus, they are just too expensive at this point. Also, they are so damn slow that it worries me that when I eventually get another Pleco that he’ll start sucking on the sides of them if there is not enough algae for him to eat, or if he gets bored or a little mischievous.

Fishtanks are ALOT of work. And now I have to go put more water in the tank.


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