Elite Wrestling Alliance

I’ve always thought theatre was for nerds. Specifically, theatre was for freaks and geeks who wore black and moped about – who thought deep thoughts, and considered their every word. I have a deep respect for Broadway, and for film, but theatre was for crazy people who didn’t have the technical skills to work in television or radio. Now, I’m sure I’m going to piss off a lot of people in saying that, but that’s what I thought. I’ve kept my mouth shut about it, because I know it’s a touchy subject, especially since I hang out with (and am related to) a lot of theatre purists.

I was completely, 100% wrong. I have just been exposed to the WRONG type of theatre. I have been exposed to theatre that doesn’t interest me. Well, holy, fucking, shit. On Saturday I had the chance to go help out with the Elite Wrestling Alliance’s show at The Center of Gravity in Toronto. First off — I have watched a lot of wrestling on television, but I have never been to a live event before. It it ten times better in person. Secondly — if anyone ever tries to tell you that wrestling is fake, do me a favour, and trip him. You can’t fake that kind of camaraderie, and you certainly can’t fake that kind of knock-down, drag-out fighting that I watched on Saturday night. Is it pre-determined? Yes, absolutely. Does that necessarily mean it’s fake? No you dumbass; you try getting dropped on your face, then I’ll ask you if the floor felt like it was fake.

I have yet to decide if this means I am now comfortable with labeling myself as a theatre nerd, but since I have yet to own a stupid beret, and I haven’t had a pair of Converse in a year, I think I’m still safe.

Cody Cousins and the Flatliners

A tag-team match of Cody Deaner and Cody 45 VS the Flatliners (Matt Burns and Asylum). Click through the photo for the entire album.


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