The Internet Is Back!

The regular cable-through-the-wall-type internet has found its way back into the house, and it’s quite lovely being connected to the outside world by means other than  radio and several televisions with coathangers jammed into their backs! I had unlimited internet on my Blackberry for six months, and during that time, I had been tethering it to my computer, managing to push nearly 2 gigs worth of data a month through the poor little USB port. I’m on my second handset after having burned out the port on the first one, and now that my unlimited data plan is up no way in hell am I paying to push that kind of data around.

Woo! I’m connected!

Just in time too, because now that I’m on my second Blackberry… the USB port has a physically bent prong. These stupid little handsets aren’t built very well. I don’t treat the thing badly. I put it in my purse, and yes, maybe it goes in there with my house keys and wallet, but that is normal. Whatever. Within three to five business days, I’ll have my third Blackberry in my hands. Yay for warranties! Yay for internet!

Third Blackberry

Left to Right: Battery won't hold a charge for anything longer than 5 minutes, Cracked the screen about two months after I bought it, Jon's trusty Nokia that I keep returning to whenever I break a phone I'm currently using (thanks), Usb port has a bent prong and I need this phone replaced.


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