Shopaholic? Nah, I’ll Steal ’em!

I want to steal Tanya Kim’s shoes, but I can’t stand this stupid empire-waisted dress. Seriously, if she was naked but just wandering around in these awesome shoes she’d be doing herself better justice than in this terrible pleated bag. The show, the set, the voice (oh the voice!), the poise– it’s all perfect. If she walked past me though, I’d have to knock her down and make off with her shoes. She can keep the retarded dress.

I’ve just realised, that, to my grandfather, I’ve lent out my copy of Stephen Leacock’s short stories- and now I sort of want it back.

Nice Shoes

It's Ben Mulroney's Birthday today too.


2 Responses to “Shopaholic? Nah, I’ll Steal ’em!”

  1. mum Says:

    Ha Ha!! Grampa returned the Stephen Leacock book for you. It’s here – I’ve just forgotten to give it to you!!!
    Mum. (What about those shoes reminded you about the book?)

  2. Laura E. Abel Says:

    There was a short story in that Leacock book, about spotting a young girl, and pondering upon her for awhile, so he knocked her down with his cane, sat upon her back and did just that — awhile later she complains that his heel is digging into her spine.

    I guess I was thinking of that when I was imagining knocking down Miss Kim for her pumps.

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