At the Movies

Airing on CTV right now is ‘At The Movies’, which is some sort of movie-review show. It’s fine, but I really can’t stand either of their two hosts. As a viewer, I’m completely ostracised. The one host looks into the camera, tells me the entire plot of the film, and then goes on to have an entire conversation with the other on-camera host, never breaking eye contact while I’m left wondering if I’m supposed to be watching their tv show or if I’m actually just eavesdropping on their discussion.

However, one of two things is keeping me from changing the channel, and I’ve almost watched this episode the entire way through: either their reviews are really great despite the questionable delivery, or the fact that I don’t have a remote for this television has finally caught up to me.

Honestly? This is a solid tv show, but I still feel like the awkward third wheel on these guys’ little weird movie review date.


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