Yay, Bots

At first I thought my Blackberry was going haywire (again), because from the other room I could hear it continually beeping, and I was beginning to get upset, because I did NOT want to go through the trials and tribulations of Rogers customer ‘service’ again to get it replaced.

The little tone that plays when I get an email is about 1 second long, and sounds like a doorbell. My phone was in my office, and from my kitchen, it sounded like there was a very impatient postman leaning on the doorbell, waiting to deliver a package, or a little kid wanting to know if his friend could come out to play. I was convinced my phone was dying. I was hoping that I was just incredibly popular, and that suddenly my friends had all decided to email me all at the same time.

I have 56 emails from an un-manned UPS device. Lovely. Good news? My phone is not broken. Bad news? I’m not as popular as I could have hoped.


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