Whitey Gerard

My pet fish is sick. He is a little albino rubbernose Pleco, and I’ve had him for a long time now. I got him in the fall of 2006, and I really like the little guy. My sister named him Whitey Gerard on account of him being so pale, and I’m not quite sure where the french surname came from, but I think it had something to do with a favourite-band-of-the-week at the time.

A few weeks ago I noticed he (I decided this fish is a boy a few weeks after bringing him home– he may well be a girl, I really have no way of knowing) was severely constipated, and so I fed him green peas and put some Epsom Salts in the aquarium so that he would be okay. The poor fish’s stomach had been all bloated and all his scales had been puffed out. After a few days, he seemed to return to normal. I never actually saw him poop. Well– my fish has roundworms.

There are little red worm-like parasites that can be seen near the fish’s bum. They are internal parasites and it’s only in really advanced cases that they can be SEEN like this. It’s hard to say if the constipation was was the first sign of the parasite infection, or if the fish was constipated, and then when I gave the fish the green peas (just regular human food), the change in diet somehow introduced the worms into the tank…

UPDATE  March 11, 2009 : here’s a photo of the mr. Fish.

Whitey Gerard

As of March 10th 2009, I put him in his own 10 gallon tank so he wouldn't be disturbed by any of the other fish coming over and bugging him while he's sick. Poor guy. But really, he's been sick for a month and he's actually still doing OK!!


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