Metzeler Elephants

From Helmut Klassen

From Helmut Klassen


4 Responses to “Metzeler Elephants”

  1. SanSi Says:

    Hej Laura, greetings to you and the nice blue elephants from north Germany. If you woulod like to see much more Metzeler, have a look to our homepage.
    Sandra & Sina

  2. Laura E. Abel Says:

    Wow! You guys sure have many photographs of the Metzeler Elephants!!

    I had no idea that people actually collected these! These 2 are the only ones that I have. I got them 3 years ago.

    Do you just have photos of them, or do you collect the elephants?

  3. SanSi Says:

    Hej Laura,
    we are collecting the nice blue longnoses since some years. Now there are 400 Metzeler-Noses, drinking our beer, eating our pizza. What are your two longnoses doing?
    Elephantastic greetings from north Germany
    Sandra & Sina

  4. Zoe Says:

    My father gave me one of these gorgeous little elephants when I was a child and it was a favourite for years and years until it got lost when we moved house. Does anyone know where I might buy one? I’ve been looking to replace it ever since but haven’t had any luck…
    Zoe 🙂

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