I love this Video

I have been trying to clean out all of my Firefox bookmarks by deleting the ones I no longer need and sorting through the ones I still like. I’ve come across some gems that I’ve bookmarked over the years, and this youtube video is one of them. I don’t know how it ended up in my bookmarks in the first place, but that’s OK, I really really love this video, and the song makes me want to run around and dance.

I really like Regina Spektor‘s website. There is a whole section of photographs, of which some are Polaroids. I have never owned a Polaroid camera, but there’s something rather nice about the way those photos turn out.

The bit in this video where they’re throwing colour all around a black and white room is lovely, but having cleaned up printer toner in my life, I can imagine what a mess that would be, and what hell it would be to clean up.


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