Beginning of the Year Questionnaire

Because I’m bored, and because I stole this from a friend-of-a-friend’s Facebook page.

1. Real name → Laura Elizabeth Abel
2. Nickname(s)→ Don’t have any. Some kids at camp when I was 14 called me “Nutty”, because I was allergic to nuts. That was retarded.
3. Status → What does this mean?
4. Zodiac sign → Leo
5. Male or female → Female.
6. Elementary→ One school from kindergarten until grade 2.
7. Middle School → Mentor…grade 3 until 12.
8. High School → See above
Where is question number nine?
10. Hair color → Dark brown, I guess.
11. Long or short → My hair? It’s long. I’m never cutting it again, thanks.
12. Loud or Quiet → Depends where I am!
13. Sweats or Jeans → jeans
14. Phone or Camera → Camera
15. Health freak → Not really.
16. Piercings?→Yes.
17. Do you have a crush on someone? → uh… the guy on the President’s Choice commercials…
18. Eat or Drink → Yes, I do both.
19. Purse or Backpack → Been alternating between a pink purse and a motorcycle backpack for the past year.
20. Tattoos → Yep, have some of those too
What happened to questions 21, and 22?

23. First piercing → Got my ears pierced in grade ten.
24. First best friend → Jillian, duh.
25. First award → I have no idea, but I do specifically remember being told that I “just missed” the honor roll with a 79% average in grade 5.
26. First crush → Ha, Felix Wemmer. Grade 6.
27. First pet → Banjo, then Finnigan, then birds, then the guinea pigs Jonas and Truffles, now fish.
28. First big vacation → Bermuda, I guess, with Deanna.
This survery is missing alot of questions!
30. First big birthday → I have a video of my third birthday party. The most exciting thing that happens is Shannon (I forget her last name), at four years old, was drinking her Dad’s beer.

Seriously, questions 31 through 48 are missing
49. Eating → no
50. Drinking → hot water
52. I’m about to → watch television, and then post this.
53. Listening to → television.
55. Waiting for → Kara to finish the Movieola schedule…

Ok, now I’m just getting mad… there are two more questions missing here. I don’t even know why I’m bothering with this crap.
YOUR FUTURE:_______________________________
58. Want kids? → um… yeah, just like an unintentional hole in the head. Namely, not at all.
59. I hated this question, so I deleted it. Ha, I control this domain.
60. Careers in mind → I have a career already, thanks.

WHAT THE HELL!!! seven questions are missing here!
68. Lips or eyes → No idea
70. Shorter or taller? → Taller than me.
72. Romantic or spontaneous → Spontaneous. ‘Romantic’ is typically synonymous with ‘boring’.
73. Nice stomach or nice arms → Not retarded is good enough.
74. Sensitive or loud → These questions are retarded.
75. Hook-up or relationship → see above.
77. Trouble maker or hesitant → see 2 questions above this one.

OK!!!! I’m furious now…. Questions 78 and 79 are not here. I’m beginning to question whether the person I stole this from deleted them, and didn’t change the numbering, or if the person who WROTE this in the first place didn’t know how to count!
HAVE YOU EVER:________________________________
80. Lost glasses/contacts → Several times.
81. Ran away from home → No.
82. Hold a gun/knife for self defense?→ nope.
83. Killed somebody → nope.
84. Broken someone’s heart → no idea.
85. Been arrested → nope.
87. Cried when someone died → I guess so.

DO YOU BELIEVE IN:_____________________________________
89. Yourself → sure.
90. Miracles → no
91. Love at first sight → sure.
92. Heaven → no
93. Santa Clause → Yes, even though the fucker didn’t bring me anything. I don’t have a fireplace, and I didn’t put out any cookies…
94. Kiss on the first date → How can one ‘believe’ in this?
95? 96?

ANSWER TRUTHFULLY:_____________________________________
97. Is there one person you want to be with right now → No, but I want a puppy.
98. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life → sure.
99. Do you believe in God → no.
100. Post as 100 truths and tag → … I could tag Kara in this, but that’s dumb, and Jill doesn’t have facebook… and I’m not posting this on Facebook anyway… I’ll tag no one and put this into ‘fun’.


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