At least my internet lasts until april…

Rogers has deemed my blackberry defective, and so they are going to send me a new one. They were more than willing to send one to me within five business days, but it would be a pink one.
No way.
I do Not want a stupid pink phone. Black or grey i would have been ok with, but not a pink one. I’m not a Mattel Barbie with an office job and pink accessories. When a red one is in stock, they’ll send it to me. That’s nice. I’m kinda mad because I paid for a warranty that will replace my phone in twenty-four hours, and Rogers is apparently not able to uphold their own terms of sale. I also found out that my unlimited bandwidth goes until the end of March, not the end of December as I originally thought. That too, is nice.

What ISN’T nice is blogging from my old Nokia cell phone. It’s kind of ridiculous, actually.

UPDATE: I had originally posted this five times. I have now deleted the previous four copies of this post, and just left the one intact. I posted this from my Nokia cell phone, and each time that I hit “publish” the phone came back with some sort of error, so I had assumed it didn’t work.


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