Post from My Phone

As much as I like my Blackberry, it’s very difficult to make WordPress work properly through their mobile site. Formatting photos to appear in this blog is easy enough, but since there is no preview button, I have to be completely confident with my HTML before I post anything. I have ONCE managed to successfully post a photo through this (thank god for copy and paste), but it took me three tries to make it work properly.

I am unable to see or moderate comments through their mobile application, even though I suspect I should be able to do so, so I really have no idea who is coming to this site unless I’m on a “real” computer.

I am seriously considering renewing my home internet service, but living without it hasn’t been THAT much of a pain. I am still able to connect my phone to my computer to use it as an external modem, but it’s not exactly reliable.

In other news, I recently got a vacuum. I don’t know how I lived for so many years without one. It’s amazing being able to clean up all the little bits of dust and hair that seem to invade my floors. My recent project for my house has been refinishing kitchen chairs, and being able to vacuum up all the sawdust is a lifesaver. I don’t think I could have committed to sanding chairs if I had to sweep up all the bits! One day I’ll get around to fixing the back gate which doesn’t quite hang properly, but I suspect that requires more “handyman” skills than I currently have. It’ll get figured out, but for now, it’s sort of fun body-checking it to get it to open and close properly. Opening it with a nice big forward-kick makes a nice noise. When that gets old, or the neighbors complain, it’ll be time to fix the gate.


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