Toronto Hydro Has Mastered Customer Service

I must be the luckiest girl in the world.

At 9:29am on Monday, I was woken up by my cell phone ringing in my ear. I’d falled asleep and had dropped it under my head somehow. Not recognizing the phone number, and with no name coming through on the caller ID, I was considering just letting it go to voicemail, but hell, it’d woken me up anyway, so I answered.

It was Toronto Hydro.

The man on the phone wanted to know if I’d emailed their VP.

No… I didn’t email the VP… I was going to call you guys today though…

After a bit of talking, it came to light. I wrote a blog post on Saturday about my about my completely-ridiculously-high hydro bill. On Saturday night, the VP of Toronto Hydro read my blog. And he emailed it to their grow-op investigation guy. And that guy called me. His name is Gord, and he wasn’t quite sure if he had the right person, but having my name emblazoned across the top of my page, and being the only “Laura Abel” in their customer database pointed him in the right direction.

Well Holy Shit, Toronto Hydro has the absolute best, customer service programme I have ever heard of. EVER.

To be realistic, I suspect that using the phrases “Toronto Hydro” and “grow-op” anywhere near each other online prompts an investigation. (Sorry if I just created more work for someone…)

Apparently I don’t quite fit the profile of a typical grow-op (who knew?), but the new smart meter I have is either not quite working properly or someone mis-read my meter. After reading the meter for them, it turns out that what I’ve been billed for is actually about 300% higher than the amount of electricity I’ve actually used. They are going to re-issue my bill for something closer to a hundred dollars.

Thank you. Seriously, I cannot thank you enough. I had been half-expecting to wait on hold for at least fifteen minutes (all the while paying for cell phone minutes) while some rinky-dink old lady telephone operator searched for my account details and then declared to me ‘no, that’s just how much electricity you used, your house was built in 1913, what did you expect – you should use more compact flourescent light bulbs’.

Imagine that. I got a bill. I suspected it was wrong. I was going to call them and (mostly) unprompted, they called me.

Big brother is watching you, and he moonlights as a city employee, apparently working late, trolling the internet on Saturday nights.


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