If my neighbours have a grow-op…

then they’ve tapped into my hydro. Seriously, who gets a five hundred dollar hydro bill in a 400 square foot house? I have to look into this… There is no way that my fishtank, three computers and a microwave take up this much electricity. All the appliances are new within the last 2 years, the lights are OFF for at least twelve hours a day, and my furnace is gas… I don’t have a deep freeze, and the lights outside are all solar powered.

If they have a grow-op, AND they’re stealing my hydro, AND they’re not sharing either profits or product with me, I am very mad. Then again, maybe Toronto Hydro just didn’t read my meter properly. I’ll call them on Monday.




2 Responses to “If my neighbours have a grow-op…”

  1. Blair Peberdy Says:

    Laura, I just read about your bill. If you will email Gord Baird at gbaird@torontohydro.com with your account number, he’ll have a look at it for you.

    Blair Peberdy
    Vice President
    Toronto Hydro Corporation

  2. Laura E. Abel Says:

    That is impressive!

    I am going to write another post about this, but Toronto Hydro has the most amazing customer service programme I have ever heard of.

    Gord Baird called me first thing on Monday morning and sorted this all out. I didn’t even have to CALL you guys.


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