Extreme Wrestling goes upscale

The Extreme Wrestling Alliance is putting on an event this weekend at, of all places, the Toronto Centre for the Arts’ Studio Theatre. Seems odd, but I don’t suppose you can do much wrong with a guy whose major claim to fame is a sweet mullet and (from his myspace profile) has “been arrested on three occasions: 1) For giviner. 2) For gettin’ er done. 3) For Disturbing Cougars”.

I honestly think this video is worth a laugh, and the I don’t hate the graphics too much either:.

Cody Deaner’s Signs you might be a Cougar:

1) Post 30 year old

2) Extremely Lovely

3) Girl that knows how to party.

Nov 13, 2008 04:30 AM

When they say “break a leg” at this theatre event, they might actually mean it.

Extreme Wrestling Alliance will debut its first event tomorrow, dubbed “Renaissance,” at the Toronto Centre for the Arts’ Studio Theatre.

The event will feature eight matches with the likes of Sexxxy Eddy, Cody Deaner and Phil Atlas on the card, with live commentary provided by “Dangerboy” Derek Wylde, who recently retired after a 15-year career in the ring.

Veteran promoter Rob Gorican was initially skeptical about using a traditional theatre space, but after a detailed recon, he found the 200-seat Studio Theatre ideal for his purposes; the seats are retractable, allowing ample room for the wrestling ring, the atmosphere is stately and refined and there’s even balcony seating.

“It’s going to be your typical wresting event, a little bit fancier than people are used to,” Gorican said.

Gorican, a long-time fan of the wrestling matches once held at Maple Leaf Gardens, promises real wrestling action minus the hokey, soap opera-like storylines so commonly associated with World Wrestling Entertainment.

If the event is a success, Gorican hopes to stage four or five such events an annual basis.

Extreme Wrestling Alliance’s

`Renaissance’: 7:30 p.m. Toronto

Centre for the Arts’ Studio Theatre, 5040 Yonge St. Tickets: $22

at Ticketmaster

Bruce DeMara

From The Toronto Star


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