After being offline for nearly two weeks, my blackberry is now tethered to my computer as an external modem! Good lord, I hope Rogers can’t tell the difference between this and my regular on-device browsing, cause THAT’LL be an interesting bill to receive! Anyway, live and learn, we’ll see what happens when I get the bill on December 3rd.

I will definitely not be downloading any shows anytime soon, as this is reminiscent of the days of dial-up, but I once again have the internet at home! (Though to be fair, it’s connected at 115.2kbps.) After a week of wondering about ‘fair use’ and thinking it would be really difficult to do, I finally just figured it out. It’s not like I have anything else to do, quite frankly. The goldfish died, and the other fish are easy to care for. I stained the counter in the kitchen, and once that was done, it was on to the next project. This project was titled

How the hell am I going to live without internet? I don’t want to find out. I’d better get the internet.

1) I already had the Blackberry desktop software junk installed, but it has to be running in the background in order for this to work.

2) Plug the damn thing in via USB.

3) This is where it got kinda tricky, and I had to do some poking around online (via the stupid blackberry browser). In the advanced modem properties tab, I typed +cgdcont=1,”IP”,””

4) Create a new internet connection using a dial-up modem. The dial-up number is *99#

5) I can’t figure out how to set my OWN username and password, but it seems that Rogers defaults to wapuser1 with wap as the password.

And that’s it! When I try to connect to the internet, it asks for my device password (which is something I set), so at least there’s some idea of security.

Four out of four forums I was reading about this said to disable IP Header Compression in the TCP / IP tab. (I have NO IDEA why they say this has to be disabled, I don’t even know what it does.) I haven’t disabled it because I skipped that step being impatient to get online, but with it enabled it still seems to work just fine. Actually, with it enabled, wordpress kept crapping out on me. Thank god for auto-save. I have no idea what IP Header Compression is or does, but with it enabled, some sites go to the default browser page of “I have no idea where you want me to be looking for that page, but it ain’t there”. So it’s disabled. Make that step #6.

It is so freeing to be typing on a full-sized ergonomic keyboard and not the little crappy poke-at-it-while-you’re-driving blackberry keypad. Now I’m going to go watch my free television. Ha. Screw you Rogers. (Unless you ignore me and just get me back with a giant phone bill…In which case I’ll just pretend like I have no idea what tethering is… and then pay the bill.)


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