I hope my fish aren’t dead.

I am never going to get to have a dog. The fish want to be fed twice a day, and for the past few days, they’re only getting fed once. The goldfish are sick, and I’ve been giving them medicine. By the looks of things, today and tomorrow I’ll be home late from work, so they’re not going to get their light turned off until very late, and they’re not going to take their medicine at the right time. They’ve only been fed once so far today. Stupid fish. I wish they were puppies. Then I could bring them to work.

I got locked out of the office today for the first time, but managed to get into the building. It’s kinda creepy knowing how easy it was to get in. Actually, I know for a fact that it’s equally as easy to get into my house without a key, and I’m not doing anything about that, so I don’t suspect I should be too concerned about the office.

That’s enough of blogging from my  blackberry. Here’s a photo I took the other day, mostly just for the sake of figuring out how to hyperlink things from my cellphone.


View from the roof

This is the view from the roof. This is how it came out of the camera, no editing. There are three spots in this photo where there was some bits of crap stuck to my lens. That’s what I get for keeping it in my purse and knocking the lens cap off all the time. Click through for a larger version.


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