What a mess

My hair needs to be cut, or dyed, or brushed, or SOMETHING. It’s such a mess. There are 2 giant mattes in it: one at the back, that I’m SURE comes from sleeping with wet hair, and one on the side that seems to be forming into a an inch-wide clump.

It doesn’t even look like a stylized mess, which I could pass off as being some weird look I had been going for, and successfully achieved. It just looks like rats have been suckin’ on it. (Thanks Mrs. Clark…)

I have two options:

1) Wash it, brush it out, and use leave in conditioner and a flat-iron as crutches, or

2) Forget it, and maybe in a year I’ll deal with it.


Neither option seems very attractive, so I think I’ll just pray for snow and put on a winter hat.


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