What, exactly, constitutes swearing?

I had to take a promo off the air a few days ago, and begin airing it exclusively after 9pm and before 6am.

The reason?

Too much swearing.

The promo in question uses the word ‘vagina’ about 13 times.

So what?

Apparently ‘vagina’ is along the same lines as ‘cunt’. They’re swear words. Go figure. I hate this kind of shit. It has nothing to do with my work, specifically, but more to do with the CRTC regulations. I understand the concept, but I don’t understand the way it’s been put into use.

No one has come up with a list of words that can’t be said from 6am to 9pm, so it’s a very rocky road deciding what’s appropriate and what’s not. Instead, anything that COULD be singled out to be offensive (to anyone), has to air after 9pm.


It’s not a word that often gets tossed around in conversation, but it’s hardly offensive.


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