The first time I saw a pair of Heelys, I was shooting a lacrosse tournament in Whitby. I spent three days watching kids run around on the pavement playing one of the most aggressive sports I’ve seen since rugby, only to watch them change out of their sneakers into skate shoes with wheels in the heels.

That was in 2004, and I’ve wanted a pair ever since.

Try to buy a pair of adult sized kids’ shoes. It doesn’t happen.

However, I’ve come across a Canadian online distributor, and have decided that in October I am going to buy a pair. I try not to buy things anymore without thinking if I really need it or not. That’s how I ended up with an MBS Mountainboard. I managed to sell that thing on Craigslist for more than I actually paid for it, but I had it for three years (and rode is all of 12 times) before deciding that it really wasn’t worth keeping around.

My accordian was one of the best things I ever bought on a whim, but for a hundred bucks, I really couldn’t go wrong with that purchase.

In October, I’m going to buy these:


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