Behind every successful woman…

…is a substantial amount of coffee and several bottles of wine.

I certainly shouldn’t have kept this around for three years. Apparently even the best champagnes shouldn’t be left around for much more than 2 years, and even in the best of conditions they still can’t be counted on to keep very well. Sitting on a shelf in my kitchen, somewhere in between the drafts from the fridge and the stove didn’t do this bottle any favours.

Opening it was fine, except the cork was so rotten that the bottom half of it immediately dropped into the bottle. My first instinct was to throw it out, but I poured a glass, fished out most of the floating cork, had a sip, spat it out, and poured the bottle down the kitchen sink.

I can’t find any information at all about this bottle, but it was given to my by the Neill family on my 21st birthday. I should have drank it that night.


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